How Many Times Can You Replace Dental Crowns?

How Many Times Can You Replace Dental Crowns?

October 1, 2022

If you had a decayed or damaged tooth restored with dental crowns sometime back, the provider might surprise you during your regular dental appointment, stating you need dental Crown treatment again because the restoration is chipped, cracked, or you have infections under it. The suggestion might make you think about how many times you must replace the dental crown and how your dentist performs the retreatment.

Your situation appears unique because you have chipped or cracked the crown by indulging in habits that the dentist refrained or allowed dental infections to manifest in your mouth to bring a suggestion from the provider to replace the dental crown. However, it doesn’t mean dentists recommend changing crowns at the drop of a hat. These restorations are durable and have a lifespan of five to 15 years, following the dentist’s recommendations to prevent infections and avoid biting on complex foods or using your teeth for purposes other than biting or chewing. Unfortunately, if you didn’t follow the dentist’s instructions replacing the dental crown becomes essential to prevent additional damage to the underlying tooth.

Dental Crown Replacements: How Many Times Can You Do so?

If you do not like the appearance of dental crowns and don’t have any infections or damage over them, the Middleburg family dentist happily replaces the dental crown as many times as you want so long as you are willing to endure the costs of the replacement and multiple appointments with them as your new crown gets customized by the dental laboratory.

In such cases, the dentist merely removes the existing restoration and has it remade from the dental laboratory without requiring restructuring the underlying tooth. If you had the crown placed for cosmetic reasons and don’t like the colour of it after receiving a whitening treatment, you can consider getting it replaced, remembering that you must endure the costs of the replacement. You must also manage with a temporary crown until the dental laboratory returns your permanent crown.

How Often Are Crown Replacements Needed?

There are no set schedules for replacing dental crowns. However, you can request replacements if the restoration becomes a cosmetic issue, is broken, or you have a receding gum line or infections in the underlying tooth. If none of the conditions exist, you can keep the crown in the mouth and allow it to function. Dentists do not recommend crown replacements unless there is a realistic need or your tooth might suffer damage from a broken crown.

Is Removing a Crown Painful?

Removing the crown over your tooth is not painful and doesn’t need anesthesia. There are different techniques dentists use to remove crowns which include wiggling it off, using Crown removers or suggesting you do it yourself by chewing sticky foods at home when eating foods. Removing the restoration from your tooth is not challenging for crowns unless the dentist needs to cut it off, rendering the crown unfit for further use.

Cutting the crown requires local anesthesia and drilling the restoration in half if the dentist cannot remove the crown using conservative methods. Therefore you might experience discomfort when the dentist uses this aggressive method to remove your dental crown.

Why Does a Crown Fall out?

Dental crowns can loosen in your mouth from the pressures of chewing or biting, the dental cement washing off due to overuse, impacts on your mouth, injuries, et cetera. Dentists make all efforts to ensure the crown is firmly bonded to your natural tooth to ensure they don’t fall out. Unfortunately, such occurrences are familiar and need restoration from the dentist as soon as possible.

Although falling out of dental crowns is not a dental emergency, they expose your tooth to the vagaries of your mouth bacteria that soon begin attacking the tooth to create additional damage. Therefore if your dental crown has dislodged, contact your dentist for an urgent care appointment to restore it without wasting time.

Dental crowns are durable restorations to cover damaged, decayed, or cosmetically displeasing teeth having a lifespan of five to 15 years. However, if you want to replace them earlier without reason merely because you are not satisfied with their appearance, you can do so as many times as you wish. The procedure is not painful unless the crown needs cutting for removal. However, there are financial costs associated with the removal and replacement. Therefore you must consider your situation carefully before deciding to replace dental crowns on your teeth with new restorations.

Susquehanna Valley Dental Group provides reliable and durable dental restorations with dental crowns. They do not recommend replacing the crown unless inevitable. However, if you want replacements for aesthetic reasons, the practice happily provides them using conservative techniques. Therefore contacting this practice for your restorations is recommended if you desire.

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