How to Eat with Dental Bonding?

How to Eat with Dental Bonding?

June 1, 2022

Regardless of age, everybody has a sweet tooth for something salty, something crunchy, something chocolaty, or something chewy. Do you have a coffee? With your bonded teeth, you could be wondering how it will affect your eating. Dental bonding is an excellent method to resolve minor dental issues.

The resin material used in dental bonding can stain, much like natural enamel. The more frequently you drink coffee, tea, wine, or other stain-causing beverages, the more you are prone to requiring more composite dental bonding treatment later on.

Also, it is vital to stay away from eating hard foods and avoid biting down on hard items like ice. Don’t chomp your fingernails, and do not grind your teeth at night. Read below to know what you can eat with bonding.

How Soon Do I Eat After Composite Dental Bonding?

The dental experts advise the patient not to eat anything from the bonding region for the next 24 hours. When you can begin to eat or drink significantly depends on the type of bonding used.

While numerous delicious food sources are off-limits, there are other meal choices that you can eat after a filling, like soup and crackers or fried eggs. The goal is to observe food that goes down with practically no chewing.

Make sure to dig into the circumstance and try eating food sources you normally could never try. If you pick food that is either hot or cold – like a bowl of soup or a fruit smoothie – make sure to keep it as close to room temperature as possible. To enhance your appearance, get the perks of Cosmetic dentistry near you today.

Which Should I Avoid with Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding affects your daily habits. Thus, you need to avoid specific habits and take up new ones. Below are a few tips on food sources and drinks to avoid after your bonded teeth:

Hard Foods 

It is a great idea to avoid hard foods that require taking hard bites and a ton of chewing like nuts. Avoid chewing them with your front teeth if you have veneers or dental bonding. If you’re an ice chewer, try to quit this habit altogether.

Chewing ice can harm your natural teeth, whether they’re bonded or not. Also, food that is either hot or cold can irritate the affected area and can delay the recovery time after the bonding.

Sticky Foods 

There are a variety of food varieties that fall into the “sticky” category: chewy gummies, caramel, chewing gum, etc. Every type of candy is bad for your smile. However, sticky candies like gummy bears, tacky candies like taffy, and hard candies are the worst. Sticky candies and sticky candies get stuck around your teeth and can pull on your veneers or bonded teeth, leading to premature loosening.

Staining Beverages

Try to restrict your consumption of these beverages after your teeth get whitened because they can stain your smile. But if you can’t manage without a morning mug of coffee or a nightly glass of wine, think about drinking them through a straw. It limits contact with your teeth and decreases the chances of staining.

Acidic Fruit Juices

Orange juice and other fruit juices are high in sugar and corrosive. They can weaken your teeth, especially if you enjoy them regularly without brushing your teeth. Depending on the juice, they may even stain your teeth.

Tomato Sauces & Curries

Tomato sauces and curries both are acidic and can cause stains. Once more, you don’t need to cut off the dishes containing these sauces from your diet. But we suggest rinsing or brushing after some time to keep your smile bright and decrease acid levels.

Staining Foods 

Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are excellent for you but try to take them in moderation. They are high in staining compounds and regular consumption could stain your teeth. To stay away from this, we suggest rinsing your mouth or brushing after you consume any sort of berry that could stain your teeth.

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