What Happens If I Don't Get a Root Canal?

What Happens If I Don't Get a Root Canal?

December 1, 2022

What scares you the most between dark alleys, fear of muggings, or dental visits? The chances are high that you fear visiting your dentist the most because you might not like the atmosphere of the dental office or the poking and probing by the dentist during your six-monthly dental visits.

What will you feel if you visit the dentist near you with an excruciating toothache in a specific tooth with lingering sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures? You probably anticipate the dentist suggesting painkillers to alleviate the discomfort and send you home with advice to care for your teeth appropriately. What if the dentist suggests you need an endodontist treatment instead of providing the anticipated painkillers? You will likely wonder whether the dentist has discovered another technique to enhance revenue until you realize that endodontic therapies are the dentistry term for root canals.

Hearing a suggestion that you need a root canal can make you question the dentist, what happens if you don’t receive the treatment. The answers provided by the dentist will likely surprise you to make you feel what made you deserve this particular treatment that will likely cause more pain in your mouth and wallet before you find relief from the toothache you experience.

This article focuses on the consequences of not receiving a root canal when advised by your dentist to give you reasons why you mustn’t fear this treatment. We suggest you continue reading to learn why root canals aren’t fearful.

The Consequences of Not Receiving a Root Canal

If the family dentist located nearby suggested a root canal, it indicates they recommended the treatment to save a severely damaged or infected tooth from deep decay or injuries to your tooth. The therapy entails removing the infection to the dental pulp inside your tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the canals, and filling the tooth with a biocompatible rubberlike material gutta-percha for protection.

The treatment undoubtedly appears fearsome and will likely increase your anxiety about dentists to another level. However, millions of root canals are performed in America every year, and people report the treatment is no more painful than getting dental fillers. Therefore you benefit by not refusing the treatment but receiving it immediately when you receive the suggestion from the dentist.

Root Canal Pain Level

The pain you experience from root canals helps eliminate the discomfort from the excruciating toothache caused by the infected and inflamed dental pulp. Besides specializing in treating infections inside your tooth, endodontists are also experts in pain management and will ensure the pain level from root canals is minimized significantly using different techniques.

If you are anxious about root canals, you can discuss your anxiety with the professional performing root canal Middleburg. They will provide adequate anesthesia in the mouth besides giving you sedation to manage stress and ensure you don’t feel anything before or during your treatment.

You will experience some discomfort as the anesthesia starts wearing off but will find it relieving to know that the pain is from the therapy you received, not the infection in your mouth. Therefore please do not fear this treatment because it helps save your natural tooth besides preventing many complications.

Are Root Canals Bad for Me?

Root canals are not detrimental to anyone with dental pulp infections; they allowed to expand by ignoring treatments for tooth decay or broken or damaged teeth. The remedy provided by specialists ensures they help you avoid the severe consequences of not receiving a root canal to eliminate the infection from inside your tooth.

If you refuse root canal treatment, you allow the infection within the tooth to expand further and infect neighboring teeth and your jawbone. In addition, the bacteria from the infection can spread to your entire body through your bloodstream, making you a victim of health problems needing treatments from different medical professionals. Instead, if you prefer receiving the root canal in Middleburg, you help save your natural tooth and prevent the complications associated with not receiving this treatment.

If you are determined to avoid root canals, the sole option is to get the tooth extracted and replace it with bridges or implants, spending thousands of dollars on restorations. Therefore if you receive a suggestion to undergo a root canal to eliminate infection within the tooth, kindly accept the dentist’s suggestion without fearing about the pain level or whether the treatment is good or bad for you. Instead, try to save your natural tooth and restore it to full functionality by receiving root canal therapy and getting the tooth crowned to use it for many years after the treatment.

If Susquehanna Valley Dental Group suggests you have a root canal to eradicate dental pulp infection, kindly accept the recommendation immediately because it indicates the difference between saving or losing your tooth. Unfortunately, if you refuse this excellent therapy, prepare yourself to endure the consequences of refusing the treatment.

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